How To Live Less Worry Happier Life

When talking about happiness it sounds so vague and too general I think. Everyone’s idea of happiness are different from one to another. If I think deeper, it is so easy to think that we are happy, to say that ” Yes, I am happy that I got this, or I just bought that.” But is this really a real happiness you feel? Mmmmhhh….. I think it depends, everyone’s desire, satisfaction and point of view that will influence the happiness in life.

I asked may of my friends and relatives these days, “Are you happy?” Most of them replied me “No, not really.” So many problems we are dealing with these days, health problems, pandemic, business, money issues, work from home, school from home, feeling unsafe, etc.

Yes I admit these past few years we have been overwhelming with worries, unpredictable situation. Business is getting harder and harder, social issues, and many more. I always tell myself when I feel down, that in life there are two things, first one is things I can control and second is things I can’t control. Things I can control such as, working hard, planning for a better life, eat healthy, making decision, anything that I can do and I can think of. And things I can’t control such as, age, fate, when pandemic hit us hard and ruin the business, cheating spouse, anything that we got impacted with although we don’t do anything wrong.

If seeing this unprecedented situation, it makes us more and more worry. It is normal, we can’t see what’s going to happen exactly in the future we can just predict what is going to happen in the future. And every prediction can not guarantee it is likely to happen. These days has been filled with worries, but “Do you want to live more and more worry everyday?” or you want to live this life happier?

I know life is not that simple, I don’t judge people and I don’t say life is good, no problem as if I live in a perfect life too. But for me life is about enjoy every process whether I like it or not, I don’t want let all worries consume me, consume my life and happiness and do you know that most of the time what we are worried about, just happen in our mind. Not always, but mostly!

Okay, I tell myself, “Stop worrying and live a happier life!”

Do not overthinking

When having issues we tend to be overthinking, as we are human we can’t tell our brain not to think about the problem or let’s just skip this part, we can’t! But we also have to limit our mind since our brain is too smart it can’t stop working and it can wander everywhere. When we are facing one difficulties our brain often be too creative, the more you think about it the more you become overwhelm. So limit your mind, see the problem, make plan A, plan B to solve it, see it where it goes, then see the response then how to deal with it. Often things will be more simple if we simplify it, think about it is different from overthinking about it. Overthinking will lead you to a more stressful situation, your mind keep wandering everywhere think all the possibilities that might happen, the more you think the more possibilities come in your mind. It makes us more worry, more stressful without knowing that all that worries may or may not happen.

When I have problem and I keep overthinking every time, I always tell myself to stop. disadvantages that I feel from overthinking are too many, I can’t concentrate, more and more worry everyday, get so stressful, I can’t think clearly, I can’t feel joy and overall all things I worry about not always happen. So I better think of the solution and okay, stop there!

Being Mindful

Practicing mindfulness has made a big impact in my life. I become calmer and less anxious. Practicing mindfulness can’t make all my problem away. But I can feel that there’s something inside me changed. I can be less anxious, I can sleep better, I can feel happier over small things, I appreciate more little things in life and turns out all these little things I can’t think of before, give me peace and a happier days.

Focus more on gratitude than material things

Yes we need money, we need money everyday, we need money to survive and I agree that we must earn money to have a good life because all things in this world that we need, need to be bought. I am a goal oriented person. What’s in my mind is achievement, goals, achievement, goals. I don’t like when things don’t get in my way, I always work hard to be successful, and in my mind is success, goal, achievement, repeat! Then one day I felt so tired, my mind was so tired I couldn’t think of anything, my body was too tired from all the activities. So I tried to sat back and relax, then it came to my mind, “what am I looking for? I’m so tired but after all these works, effort, achievement I am not that happy.” Then after some time I realized that there is one thing that I miss, gratitude. When I can be grateful for a very little thing, it really change my mind, my feeling. Be grateful for the good and bad things. Good things off course make me happy, but bad things that happen can make us into a better one some day. Because life is a process like it or not we must go through it, but when I have gratitude I can see bad things that happened as the process I must go through to be a better me. It is easier to talk about it that do it. But making gratitude into a habit will make your life happier.

I am not a perfect person, I have so many flaws and I don’t live in a fairytale life. I have been dealing with all the imperfectness, I was bullied, cheated on, but I learn how to let go and take all things as lesson in life, because I want to live a less worry happier life!

How To Make Acnes Gone Forever Especially When I Wear Face Mask Everyday

Since the pandemic I have been wearing face mask everyday, not only when I am going out but also at the workshop. We all try to be safe now. But do you know that wearing face mask everyday can cause breakouts? Because our pores clogged! I had breakouts on my chin and sometimes on my cheeks too where the face mask covered my face. I was so devastated. I tried several acne cream brands, but seems nothing worked. One or two acnes healed, then other acnes came out. So frustrating!

So I stopped all the acne cream, acnes spot gel, anything acne cream related, I stop them all. Then I tried Aloe Vera Soothing Gel, I was so frustration, I didn’t really believe that aloe vera can heal the acnes at first, but there’s nothing to loose and the price of this aloe soothing gel is not too pricey, then I decided to give this aloe a try. For the first day it didn’t seem so different, just the redness seems a little subsided. Well then I continue apply it every night on the area where I have breakouts. My skin didn’t instantly change for better but slowly the redness gone and after about three months the acnes also go away….. I can say bye bye acnes…..

Beside the aloe soothing gel I also clean my skin with micellar water. With or without make up, I always cleanse my face with micellar water. It

I use facial foam that contain Salicylic Acid. At first I thought it’s just facial foam. Every facial foam is just to cleanse our skin then we wash it right away. But after what had happened now I know facial foam also plays an important part for your skin too.

And lastly, don’t forget face mask at least twice a week. Choose face mask that has calming effect to reduce the redness on your skin and your acnes off course. I usually use green tea face mask, aloe face mask when I have breakouts. Personally I love face mask from Korean brands, and I use aloe soothing gel from Korean brand too.

I don’t have much time to go t see beautician or doctor for my skin problem and have special treatment for my skin, but I really satisfied with the result that I can do at home with affordable skin care that give me great result too!

Short Weekend Getaway To Clear My Mind

Lately the term staycation has been quite popular among us. Staying in a resort or hotel, take a break from routines, busy life, it is believed can refresh your mind. Actually we all need calming, refreshing, joyful time. Usually we go on holiday once a year, it could be visiting other cities in your country, renting villa or cottage with family to enjoy slower life with great view or maybe going abroad visiting other country. Everyone’s choice would be different.

But since this Covid pandemic, it is quite impossible to go on vacation, especially going abroad. Lockdown everywhere, travel ban, quarantine, all of these are so inconvenience. In my town, there is no lockdown anymore, but still there are health protocol we must follow. So to refresh my mind, I decided to go to Pullman Vimala Heels for my weekend getaway. This resort is just three hour from my town and I stayed two days there to breathe the fresh air, relaxing, so I can came back to work with better mood, fresh ideas.

Everyday now we are covered with face mask, believe it or not that the oxygen circulation in your body is not perfectly well. So I really need an isolated place where I can take off my face mask and breathe the oxygen perfectly.

What a lovely short getaway I had! This Pullman Ciawi Vimala Hills is so great. Great hotel, great activities you can join such as pottery class, yoga, kid’s activity and also good foods they provide really will indulge your palate.

Saying Morning Affirmation To Myself Help Me Get Through Hard Times

Lately I have been through a lot, my health condition, my business, until at some point I felt so exhausted, felt so lost and it made me think that no one can help me other than myself. I may go to see doctor, I may come to counselling, off course it helps but the greatest help the greatest motivation I realize that it comes rom yourself.

Like what I had said many times, morning take a special part to make your day. Whether its is creating a calm morning routine, having morning meditation, or any morning activity that can bring you calmness, joy so you can have a good mood for a day.

Then I have been doing this morning affirmation for a month and it helps! After I get dresses in the morning I look in the mirror and I say all good things, I appreciate myself more, I accept and be happy for who I am, so I look myself in the mirror, put a beautiful smile and tell myself that, ” I AM WORTH IT, I LOVE MY BODY ALTHOUGH IT IS NOT PERFECT, I AM GONNA HAVE A HAPPY LIFE, I AM CAPABLE TO MAKE MY BUSINESS WELL AGAIN.” I tell myself that I can cope with all the hardship.

It seems so simple, and some people may laugh at me and tell me that you just like lying to yourself to pretend to be stronger. But I know what I am doing here is not pretending to be stronger, Instead, I motivate myself to have courage to face the challenge, I accept all my imperfection and motivate myself to be a better one.

What you struggle with may be different from mine, but the idea is just the same, saying to yourself, motivate, convince yourself that you are capable of overcome the hard times you have. Motivating yourself is the best easy and cheap but effective way to help you be strong during hard times.

Healthy Balanced Diet Suggested By Doctor To Promote Immune System

During this pandemic I took extra care for my health. I have severe drug allergies and some food allergies too. I am not allergic to nuts, seafood, meat, fruits all natural ingredients with less chemical and food additive will be just fine for me. If I eat unhealthy food for too long, it feels like my body system is error, yes our body is just like computer sometimes some error may occur, hahaha.

So what I need especially during this pandemic where viruses are evil, I have to take more better care of my body, promoting immune system, get less inflammation in my body, although it doesn’t guarantee you will not getting sick. But having a healthy body for me is a must!

So here are foods I always consume:

  1. Fruits

Citrus fruit, kiwi, berries, Papaya, Banana, Watermelon any fruit you like. I always eat fruit around 10 in the morning and 5 in the afternoon. How much fruit should I consume? Any fruit around one palm size of your hand. I also make smoothies sometimes, but I don’t add sugar in my smoothies since fruits have glucose already


Leafy vegetable because they are rich in antioxidant, and colorful vegetables such as carrots, capsicum, etc. Do you know that in every color, every veggies has different vitamin in it? So make colorful stif fry or colorful salad using variety of veggetables

3. Less Carbs

I Don’t do no carb diet, but I consume less carb, especially high glycemic carbs ( white rice, white bread, croissant), I limit my consumption on these food. Instead, I eat brown rice, oatmeal or any grain that also have so much healthy benefit for my body

4. Nuts, Almond, Granola. Grains

I am a big fans of chips! but chips is not that healthy so I eat crunchy roasted almond, nuts or cashew whenever I crave for chips. I sometime snacking granola that mixed with pumpkin seed. Add two tablespoon of no sugar greek yoghurt can also be a great idea for snacking.

Limit Myself With Food That Cause Inflammation

I don’t cut all these food, I am still a normal human that sometimes crave for sugar, sweets, donuts, or french fries, haha. But I must limit what I eat. Foods that can cause inflammation

  1. Fried food
  2. Sweet sugary food
  3. Alcohol
  4. Processed meat
  5. Whole milk
  6. Artificial Flavoring or coloring
  7. Artificial Sweetener

If you are a big fan of junk food I know this diet is quite challenging but think about the benefit for your body, your long term health supposed to be your priority. Eating a healthy balanced diet do not mean that you have to live super healthy and cut out all those sinfully yummy food for the rest of your life. I have a trick that works for me, that is called a cheating day, Once a week I choose one day to eat what I want in a moderate portion off course. On that cheating day I will enjoy pizza, ice cream, burger, noodle, anything with no guilty feeling that I ruin my healthy diet. Because what I do is a healthy balance diet where I can be healthier and but still enjoying this life.

The benefit I feel using this diet method is, I have better skin, less gastric problem, no acid reflux, I rarely getting sick, less fat in my body which is good for my liver and heart.

Maybe not everyone suitable with this diet, it depends on your body but what I have here is just a basic simple healthy diet hope everyone can be healthier too.

How To Find Real Happiness And Stop My Retail Therapy Habit That Is So Wasted ?

Happiness is often related to money. Yes we know that money is basically what we need to live this life. The more money you have the better life you get. But don’t get the wrong idea, the term of getting a better life doesn’t mean you get a happier life by having more and more money. If you are quite puzzled by what I said, let me simplify it for you. Money can’t guarantee happiness in life!

Have you ever felt so stressful and did retail therapy? I won’t say it is wrong, but the happiness you get is temporary. It is like a euphoria for having a new stuff you want than after days the sensation of having the stuff will simply just gone.

I was type of person whenever I got upset I always go shopping, I even often ended up bought things I didn’t need. Such a waste of money but highly satisfying. I know it wasn’t right but I couldn’t change this habit instantly. It took process and it was uneasy.

So, what did I do?

I know that I didn’t get totally happy with this retail therapy but it is too hard to say goodbye to this habit, so I started from small changes.

Everything starts In Your Mind. Your brain is really powerful, I started to say NO every time I want to go shopping when I am upset. Nothing wrong with shopping or retail therapy but any excessive behavior is not good. It is not gonna be easy but put in your mind that this behavior can’t give you what a real happiness, instead you will end up buy things you don’t really like just for the sake of satisfaction.

So what did I do instead of wasting money for things I will regret later?

Think That My Problem Wouldn’t be Solved Even though I Shop A Lot

I said to myself that solving the problem is so much different from shopping. I need to be more mature in coping with problems and situation.

Prepare A Piggy Bank

Whenever I feel the urge to buy things that I know I will regret later, I throw my money to the piggy bank, so later I can use this saving to buy things I like.

Find Activity you Like

Exercise at home, biking at the park, baking at home, painting to express your feeling, anything you like to do that brings joy to you.

Helping Others

Join any volunteer or charity work in the community, the feeling when you give out something to people in need is priceless.

Learning Some New Skill

The idea of learning new skill is really therapeutic for me, the feeling of achievement really satisfying beside look into the positive side, you have new skill. It could be learn video editing, design, cooking, etc.

Donate Stuff That I Don’t Need Anymore

Instead of shopping and pile things at my wardrobe or at the garage, I choose to donate good things which are still in good condition for those in need.

Redecorate My Room

Whether you live in a studio apartment, small or big house, re-decorating your room can make you feel fresher and joyful in your own place.

Have You Ever Been Emotionally & Mentally Abused?

Hi everyone, I want to know more about emotional and mental abuse. What I know is these kind of abusive behavior can’t be seen clearly and don’t leave traces like physical abuse. It leaves no bruises, scars on the outside but these emotion and mental abuse surely damage people from inside. I want to know more about it before I talk about it. I had some experiences too that I want to share and how I coped with it.

If some of you have these experiences and how to cope with it and you want to share with others, I will be glad to hear about your experiences and hopefully it can inspire or help people out there who are facing same problem.

if you want to share your experience with emotional and mental abuse, drop your stories in a comment box below.

Thank you so much, and for those who have been struggle with it, you must stay strong and remember that love yourself !

Why Am I Always Be The One To Blame In A Relationship? I Don’t Want To, Then What Should I Do?

Have you ever feel that you are always be the one to blame in a relationship? No matter what happen, even when your partner do the wrong things at the end you are be the one to blame. Relationship is not easy, when there are two people involve and try to become one it is not gonna be easy. If being in a relationship is that easy there will be no break-ups, divorces, or people who want to stay single. But being in a relationship will feel heavenly beautiful if you end up with a partner who love you, treat you right, be the one that can bring out the best of you. But sometimes to obtain these it takes process too. if you are that lucky, you may find your soulmate live happily ever after just like Disney’s movies. But sorry, life is not fairytale and if you see thoroughly in every happy princess movies there always hardship in the early life of the “happy ever after princess.” It is same as a relationship, no one perfectly compatible without you making effort to be in a happy state.

There is no perfect relationship in my opinion, but how we put effort into it and the key is communication. I believe that communication is the key of successful relationship. Why would I said so? Because when you convey your thoughts deliberately, express your feelings, those are things that can make your partner getting to know you better, knowing what your partner’s desire, idea, thoughts can make relationship deeper and lasting.

But what about I have a partner that super selfish and end up blaming me for everything happen if I try to convey my thoughts or share about how I feel? Maybe break-up or divorce is a last choice we should put in mind. When there are ways to fix it why don’t we put effort into his relationship and give it a try.

Sometimes why we treated that way is because we are too weak and too afraid to express ourselves. I know in reality it is not gonna be easy. But this few tips hopefully can be helpful.

Speak up For Yourself

You are being intimidated because you allowed yourself to be treated that way. Be brave to speak up what’s in your mind, what do you want, express your feeling. Don’t be afraid to speak up your mind because what’s wrong with speak up your mind? The more you seal your lips the more you will be intimidated.

Selfish Person Always Blame And Cornering You

Never take the blame for things you never do! Sometimes it is easier to take the blame so that you won’t have all night arguments with your partner. But selfish partner will not stop until you take the blame and say sorry even though there are issues or problem that is not you fault.

Remind Yourself That We Are Equal

Remember as human being we are created equal, then you should think clearly when your partner do you wrong, talk to your partner that please respect each other. When you are always be the one to blame it means that your partner don’t respect you.

There are so many factors that can make relationship lasting, it is very normal that in a relationship there will be ups and downs but when you are in a relationship that drain your energy, you should take it seriously, if you want the relationship last long you should work it out, because equality in a relationship is important.

For Me This Coloring Activity Is Therapeutic In Relieving Stress

About two years ago, I think this adult coloring book had been a trend, it’s said that it could help release stress, and make us feel calmer and as a bonus you might have your DIY drawing, put in in a frame as a home decor. So I tried it and it reminded me about my childhood. I remembered my mom used to bought me coloring books so that I could had useful activity to stimulate my creativity she said. and often She accompanied me and taught me. What a wonderful memory when I think about that.

So I tried and yes, it felt so therapeutic, when I did the coloring, I felt like I absorbed into it, I felt less stressful and seeing colors also made me felt calmer, or even made my mood better. Actually pouring emotion into art, has been done for thousand years, that is what artist do, such as painting, making sculpture and other kinds of art. But maybe not all of us have talent or passion to do that. So see it as easy therapeutic way to release stress, this coloring really effective for me

I don’t need to be good, do as you like, choose color as you want, just take the advantage of this activity that can make you less stress, or if you maybe want to find a new hobby, it could be your new hobby too.

These are what I had made, It is not perfect, but I like to do it as one of activity to release stress. The last picture is still unfinish, I want to show you how easy it is, you just need to color it. Hopefully you will like it and if you have same problem as me, that I am an easily got stress person, hopefully it helps too!

Social Media Made Us Comparing Ourselves To Others That Lead To Unhappiness

I think living a happy life is our priority, everyone wants to live a happy life. It is so simple, happiness is everything! But why we often see so many books out there about happiness, how to achieve it, how to own it in your life. If happiness is so easy to obtain, then why so many books, articles, seminars out there talking about how to be happy?

I admit that I am quite interesting in finding happiness themed books, I had read several books. People often misjudged me that I have unhappy life that’s why I love to read happiness themed books. That is not entirely true, I admit that I had been through difficult time, yet I had been through a lot of good times too. I read those books not only because I need the enlightenment to happiness but also I was curious about the whole idea of happiness, tips to get a happier life, etc. I thought in order to experiencing happiness we need so much effort, but at some point I was not completely right.

I have a friend that every time I see her, she always complain about how miserable her life is, she always compare her life to others. In reality she has everything. She has a good house, nice husband, perfect kids, but still she compares everything to others so she sees her life is bad, feels everything will never be enough for her. Every good things that happened to her will never be enough for her. All her days filled with dissatisfaction, resentment and complains. I see there is nothing wrong with her life, in fact I think she has a good life, but the habit of comparing her life to others has made her out of her mind.

It is so easy to fall into comparing life temptation, since social media has expose so many things, people use it as business, digital diary or media to show off. But what we must know is, what we see on social media is not totally true. Mostly people post about good things on social media, we see the fake not the real one. Everything is about branding nowadays such as happy life, hedonistic life, all success stories. It is not totally fake, some people use it as digital diary, I don’t say that social media is bad, I use it too, here I make a blog as media to connect with others. So it depends on how we use it. I believe all modern technologies were created to make our life easier, but we need to use it wisely.

Often we belittled by what we don’t have, focus on our imperfections. When we realize that people’s life would be different one from another and stop comparing one another life will be easier and happier. Sometimes we just only see the perfect cover without knowing what’s beneath it.

Live you life to the fullest, be the best version of you and don’t compare your life to others because people’s life are created differently.